After being exhibited at Schusev State Museum of Architecture Moscow for three months, our installation for Austria Davaj! has returned to Vienna.

Here’s some coverage by Olga Danilkina.

This is the programmatic title which the MAK has chosen for its first large-scale exhibition of Austrian contemporary art, architecture and design in Russia, to be mounted in cooperation with the Schusev State Museum of Architecture Moscow and the Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow.

This exhibition brings together eighteen artists who have each defined their respective fields while at the same time defying categorization according to traditional criteria. The spectrum ranges from young artists at the beginning of their careers to internationally known artists, architects and designers who make the attempt to uncover the most extreme limits of Austria’s creative energies. All works were developed specifically for the exhibition and, taken together, amount to a representative snapshot that looks beyond mere fashionable trends.

Exhibitors: Johanna Braun, Carola Dertnig, Günther Domenig, Georg Driendl, Gregor Eichinger, Heidulf Gerngross, Franz Graf, Nilbar Güres, Zenita Komad, Brigitte Kowanz, Helmut Lang, Otto Muehl, Stefan Sagmeister, Tamuna Sirbilaze, Manfred Wakolbinger, Walking-Chair, Franz West, Erwin Wurm

Percept Peter Noever
Curators Martina Kandeler-Fritsch, MAK / Irina Korobina, Schusev State Museum of Architecture
Production manager Andreas Krištof
Project managment Christiane Bauermeister, MAK / Simon Mraz, Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow
Project coordinators Dunja Gottweis, MAK / Alice Bagdonayte, Schusev State Museum of Architecture

A cooperation of MAK Vienna, Schusev State Museum of Architecture Moscow and Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow.

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