Burg Forchtenstein | Esterházy

Project Description

Location: Forchtenstein, Burgenland, Austria

Client: Burg Forchtenstein Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Finished: May 2006

Services: overall planning and project design / draft of the entrance area outside, realization of a footbridge, a viewing deck and toilet facilities, surveillance of the renovation process in the exhibition area, exhibition design, development, design, planning and construction of the showcases

As one part of a major reconstruction project a footbridge (steel-glass-construction) was constructed in the inner court, including a viewing deck for visitors.

The concept of the exhibition design places the main emphasis on the restored historic chambers and selected exhibits by using almost invisible installations, trying not to overcrowd the rooms. The specially developed furniture such as showcases, seating etc. perfectly corresponds with its surrounding.

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