Project Description

“City gate” is a subsidized residential building situated at a very noisy road in the outskirts of Innsbruck with a high traffic density. To avoid any noise pollution, a 210m long noise protection wall was built along the whole length of the complex. Behind that wall one gets the feeling of being on an “island of silence”, you can hardly hear the traffic noise from the other side. The complex itself consists of 5 buildings, all of them 3 storeys high. The buildings are reinforced concrete constructions with very dark blue, almost black glass facades. The façades reflect the surrounding mountains and therefore offer some very interesting light effects.

With its curved roofs, coloured balcony glasses and generously glazed apartments the whole complex creates a very friendly atmosphere and a timeless elegance – rather unusual for subsidized building with a low budget.

All of the 87 apartments are facing east and west, so they have direct sunlight the whole day. The size of the apartments vary from 75 to 95m2 (3 or 4 rooms), all of them have either a balcony (upper levels) or a private garden (ground floor).


Wohnanlage mit 84 Wohnungen

Innsbruck / Tirol

Glasfassade / Niedrigenergiehaus / Lärmschutzkonzept

Bauherr: Neue Heimat Tirol

Kunst am Bau: Hans Weigand

Die Irritation der Stille

„Der Lärm ist gewaltig. Draußen auf der Strasse kann man sich nur unterhalten, indem man sich gegenseitig ins Ohr schreit. Wenn man dann drin ist in der Anlage, dann gibt es einen merkwürdig verzögerten Moment, da nimmt man plötzlich die Stille wahr – unwirklich, irritierend.“

Liesbeth Waechter-Böhm Spectrum, 02.08.2003

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