Hyperscreen | Green Junction

Project Description

hyper screen

© driendl*architects

riad city

cross section king abdul aziz road / king abdullah road

°           the structure is located at an inner city crossroads situation :

trains, cars, pedestrians have to pass it  on different levels

°           the pedestrian level is in the middle : it is public, access located on the corners and a central elevator make all levels reachable

°           each destination is accessible : junction-free

°           covered by a greened screen

technical description

a hyperbolic paraboloid, each opposing points are on the same height (through height differences a vaulted, on one side an upwards vaulted space arises)

straight tensioned / loaded bars in the crossings make an unsupported structure possible – it stands on two points while not disturbing the traffic in any way

this carrying structure is a steel construction (steel box bearer) which furthermore serves for the installation of the electro-wiring for the night illumination and the water-pump pipes to pump up the ground water

thereover a net gets spanned – in the crossing points of the net are boxes with subtracts which creates a matrix for plants for a greening shields.

the shield gets watered through the groundwater (the ground water level needs to be lowered in any case for the lower level).

special plant types are selected which are perfectly adjusted to the local climate: a combination of fast and slower growing plants, plants which are able to resist the dry climate – thick leaves avoid an evaporation and therefore minimize the water demands. the substract boxes have a specific volume in order to provide storage possibilities for the water during the day

the crossing points allow the installation of a pipe-net which acts as a distributor à the water gets pumped above and distributes naturally

the screen not only provides shade for the pedestrians but is also a micro-climatic measure in order to improve the climatic conditions of this crossroad

apart from the useful plants for a balanced micro climate it is possible to place ornamental plants throughout the pedestrian level, where desired

the passage for the pedestrians is a reinforced concrete structure, a laminar bridge building / construction bedded on bearings.

the crosswise connection of all corners results in an optimal access; the elevator (located in the middle of the square if looked at it from above) additionally connects and makes all levels accessible

the access ramp and the pedestrian distributors / routers can be shaded by e.g. screens

as an alternative to the round-ramps the pedestrian ramps can be parallel ramps or can be equipped with

fußgänger können mit rolltreppen und liften ausgestattet warden, rundrampen sind vorschlag (brauchen platz) – alternative rolltreppen oder parallelrampen, je nach platzbedarf .. oder in benachbartes gebäude integriert warden. (im oberen stock


visibility, readability, orientation : the crossroad is easily recognizable and visible while approaching it

crossroad acts as a hotspot à ideal, barrier-free development of the surrounding blocks with a smooth, working and (among each other) non-disturbing traffic situation of the passing trains / cars / pedestrians

hyper screen is a landmark, several lighting options during the night can create an impressive view when approaching the crossroad.

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