Loose Privacy

Project Description

Uncoupled private sphere
2002, 2003. Twenty-seven kilometers west of the City in the Mountains, it is intended to build four apartments, each lying vertically above another in one building located on a sloping property. Corn Poppy, who is concerned with the development of building projects, wants to meet us. He has seen other houses that we have designed in the town, was impressed by Hill with a View, and also knows people who live there. He is elated, since before our visit he could not imagine residential buildings financed with public funds also being interesting and attractive. His wife has an impossibly steep slope there, made still more difficult by quicksand, i.e. it is a complicated property, yet wonderfully located with a little wood in the immediate vicinity. He thinks that it could be interesting for us and would like to have four apartments built. We confront him with our ‘house on a house’ idea. The location has potential. Corn Poppy knows something about the subject-matter, agrees with our proposal – which does not come off the shelf – and furthermore is enthusiastic about designs which replace the products from the catalogue with professional dedication.
Corn Poppy now lives on the first floor. He parks his car, walks up the stairs and enters his apartment. He does not ascend the steps of a shared staircase, but reaches his home directly via a private entrace, as do all the other inhabitants. The apartment practically becomes a small private house, discarding the appearance of a simple apartment by means of the incross dividual solution of the access path. Nevertheless, people do not have to do without the comfort of a lift, since there is one to transport them from the garage right up to the top.
Everybody has his own kingdom. Together and densely one above the other, Loose Privacy represents a transfer of the advantages of living next to one another into living above one another. Hanging gardens and private terraces – which cannot be looked into and are spacious – create a solitary private sphere even in the outdoor area. That makes the estate so exclusive and different and endows it with added value. A residential building in the form of piled villas. A house on a house on a house on a house, complete with gardens, terraces and spacious balconies, as well as separate entrances as a symbol of comfortable living on a limited property.

[APOPliving / Springer 2010 / driendl*architechts / Driendl – Lehrl]


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