Project Description

Orient Occident

Restaurant at the Naschmarket, Vienna, Completion 2007



Amino Yoshiaki – Timber Construction

A restaurant built in a heritage protected site in Vienna – the famous Naschmarket in 4th district. Due to limitations of the heritage council a couple of specifications had to be met: there are limits in dimensioning objects at the markets (height, length, width), in terms of the material – wood and the colour of the paint.

A sensible handling of these measures was important, the best possible usage of space and an optimization for summer and winter the objectives; fluent crossings of in- and outdoor space, flexible, facades which can be opened. Prefabricated units guaranteed a quick building process (bearings, cross beams), completed in plug connections, bending resistant. This culminated in a slim construction + made an open façade composition with generous glazing possible.

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