Schloss Esterházy

Project Description
Dr. Florian Bayer, Kustos der Esterházy Sammlungen
Dr. Stefan Körner, Stellvertretender Direktor Esterházy Privatstiftung

Schloss Esterházy, Eisenstadt, 2010

1 the exhibition of unique treasury from Esterházy. For this purpose, according vitrines, showcases and facilities have been developed. The production process has been carried out by the Italian company Barth Innenausbau. The exhibition content and arrangement from the collection Esterházy has been curated by Dr. Floriany Bayer, cultural department Esterházy. Through the temporary situation in terms of light and the accessibility, the visitor will experience rooms with a couple of vitrines, rooms without vitrines and rooms where the visitor himself is inside a vitrine. The goal was to present all objects within the space, without connections to any surface.

2 archeology. Different steps of usage and utilization have been exposed and are now visible; the specific rooms have been prepared for that step. The goal was to expose the time layers within the castle, to find out the according layers for a later reconstruction. Through unconventional ways, archeological layers (ground, ceiling, walls) are made visible for the visitor as a modern form of archelogy within rooms, parallel to the exhibition.

3 reconstruction of parts of the rooms with the opening on the facade and the glass-conclusion towards the world famous Haydnsaal. The goal was a complete reconstruction of the room-expansion towards the Haydnsaal – only now, this expansion has been completed as the initially planned intersection.

4 the conception of an expansion, connecting from the „Säulenhalle“: The director invites into the sphere, a reception directly in the park and at the same time with a view through the re-opened spatial axis – via way of the Säulenhalle directly into the world famous Haydnsaal. A connection of the outside and inside that can be experienced, from the park straight to the stage with the grand piano.

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