Solar Standard | MOSCOW

Project Description
The property is located 40km to the west from Moscow, spans approximately 145ha and offers residential space for ca. 2000 to 3000 people, mainly structured in single house units. According to different demands the houses are planned in various types and sizes (patio- / town- and cottage houses) and are, together with public-, commercial- and sports facilities, naturally integrated into the environment. Water and recreational areas are drawn throughout the whole area and create a harmonious, liveable ambience. Due to the ever present experience of nature the area animates to extended walks and/ promenades; several recreational zones, spare time- and sport possibilities are spread throughout the area and are connected via footpaths. The traffic volume in general is minimized through short, efficient path systems which invite to explore the whole area by foot.
A careful choice of materials, quality- and energy optimization, passive energy usage and active energy generation are essential parameters in terms of the project’s sustainability.

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