Metro West Liffey Bridge

Project Description

Architectural / General
The appearance of the bridge is as light as possible, considering the lively history of
the Valley the aim is to sensitively lead the whole scenery into the future without
interfering with the amenity of the environment. The bridge understands itself as
a functional addition to the natural scenery instead of an interference with nature.

Planning + Functional

The pedestrian walk and the bicycle track are separated from the train line, placed above the railway. Due to that fact the route for the bicyclers and pedestrians offers an unhindered panoramic view of the landscape and into the valley and also improves the safety of the passengers as it is separated from a possible threat of the passing trains.

On one end the pedestrian and cycle route flows into the tunnel and on the other side it is slightly lifted via a ramp to reach the desired level.

The pedestrian route is completely glazed, to offer wind and noise protection as well as to provide cover from the vegetation.

The steel structure is arranged inside of the glass and therefore is protected from the weather. The maintenance and servicing is simple – the glass can easily get cleaned from the out- or inside (there are several options to provide specific tools to clean the outside structure) if needed.

It is planned to integrate 20-30% of solar panels inside the glass to feed the lighting during the night.

Health & Safety

Due to the separation of the train and bicycle route the safety of the passengers when crossing the bridge is guaranteed as it is cut from a possible direct contact to the passing trains.

The rhythmic light concept with illuminated pressure rings, pressure- and tension rods reduces the felt distance while walking and provides a positive and pleasant atmosphere during dawn hours and in the night.

Environmental impact

a construction

Taking under consideration the special environment of the Liffey Valley with its specific Flora and Fauna and its status as a Natural Heritage Area it is planned to span the whole valley preferably column-free. This measure makes it possible to leave the environment beneath the bridge in its natural condition

Apart from the bridge heads the execution works can be done through mobile cranes and thus make it possible to avoid permanent interferences which would possibly damage / collide with the condition of the natural environment.

Due to the complete glazing of the structure the noise in the area around the bridge is minimized, as is the vibration. Therefore the operating bridge will not disturb the environment.

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