Youth Olympic Games 2012

Project Description
design of the Olympic Village
for the won canditature of INNSBRUCK 2012 YOG

„… a vibrant modern residential zone with open spaces and communicative design … located along the rivers Inn and Sill, just minutes from the celebration sites in Innsbruck downtown… a strong youth oriented legacy concept for future oriented living models….. a spacious youth village with great mountain view and an ideal mix of permanent and temporary building …..
…very clear separation of zones, as well as separate access points for main entry, transport mall and back of house operations…..
…at the heart of the “Olympic Youth Village Plaza” (gelber Platz) the WYOV offers, a wind protected, square for outdoor leisure and entertainment activities, directly accessible from the residential zone or the dining hall….
…this kind of design plays into the overall vision of Innsbruck 2012 to..INSERT BIG PICTURE VISION/CLAIM here !

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