study and communicate between the rooms
vertically arranged uses, tight to the top
climatic envelope – naturally endowed on the outside, natural ventilation inside


Fass Test

City planning

The required building mass is integrated into the surrounding area through the surrounding height edge and forms a place that asserts itself independently between the Stadtgarten and the block edge.

The new entrance/forecourt enables a flowing transition from “outside to inside” and thus offers a generous gesture of reception.

All connections are made from Kaiserjägerstrasse. The existing ramp to the garage will be enlarged as required, and the new forecourt to the MCI also forms the connection to the city garden.

The sports field is also accessed from Kaiserjägerstrasse, but can also be reached directly from the MCI site.


The horizontally and vertically flexible disposition of all required, for acoustic reasons closed, rooms result in a wide variety of areas for interaction.

The access route becomes an experience. The entire complex is a kind of climate envelope, with the outer zone only naturally doped but not heated.
The inner zone works like a passive house and is ventilated, the glass roofs can be generously opened and guarantee natural ventilation in summer thanks to the chimney effect that is set in motion. A seasonally optimized room climate is made possible by simply opening and closing the shell.


The MCI is organized from top to bottom as follows: on the fifth floor there is a compact and clearly structured entire administration on one level. The three lower floors contain lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories in an open space concept. General areas such as bookstore, lecture hall, workshops and lecture halls are housed on the ground floor.

All levels are accessed via 4 stairs and elevator cores, each has a sanitary group.

The program, which becomes more dense from bottom to top, allows studying “between” the functional rooms in a spacious, transparent and communicative “zone”.

The bus garage is functionally decoupled from both the car garage and the MCI and can be operated independently. The open training on Kaiserjägerstrasse and the Stadtgarten enables natural ventilation.


Category School
City Innsbruck
Commissioner State of Tyrol
Period 2016
Type international competition
Status unbuilt
Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH


Mci K3 2