Solar Mount


a house on the slope
outwardly it appears closed with its cubic character, inside open and generous with breathtaking views over the surrounding nature
for example over a bridge directly into the house


Symbiose of house and the surrounding

Solar Mount Lew Rodin 09

Entering the site from the street which is at the same level as the roof terrace of the building, the way into the house is optional throughout a bridge – ramp to the gallery of the living room, or along the 60 step stairway down to the entrance into the lowest level, 10 meters below street level. The further way throughout the building inside comes along the upper levels over a central stairway which connects five levels, including roof terrace. This way through the cubic building is an experience: based on the unusual course of the stairways and the constant transparency there are always new views, views into the light and open spaces with their unconventional materiality. Their effect is harmonic and extravagant at the same time – views throughout all the levels and the related outdoor space of various size.

The gallery of the two storey high living room is open up to the roof terrace. Under the terrace there is the dining kitchen with balcony, underneath the sleeping room and an open bathroom are situated. In the basic level the office, the entrance space and supporting rooms are housed.

The steel construction in the inside is visible and black painted, that makes hard edges and divides the other materials, without dominating them. The linear steel beams and girders make frames for the floors, walls and ceilings in wood, stone and glass. The goal was, like in all our houses, to compose a symbiotic flair together with the surrounding landscape and nature.


Category Private Home
City Vienna
Commissioner Private
Period 2002–2003
Type direct
Status built

site: 800m²
gross floor area: 185m²
net floor area: 185m²

Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH
Images Milli Kaufmann, Gregor Lehrl, Lew Rodin


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