Apartment building


a back yard in a historically grown, densely built area. Both, privacy, a welcome atmosphere and communication should be possible, inside and outside the house
due to the narrow construction site, the spatial concept is developed through a vertical arrangement of the requirements of living, in the sense of duality of integration and exclusion of the immediate neighborhood
the house is structured in three parts: two offset parts provide all needed living areas, a light flooded space connects these parts with an open air staircase


How generous can tightness be?

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An oasis in the city

In a backyard located in Frankfurt-Nordend, a historical grown, densely built up area, a detached residential house arises, equipped and surrounded by gardens and terraces.

Up until the interior and the furnishings everything is custom made, adjusted in al details, built from selected, exquisite materials.  


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In close dialogue with the client, the house is structured in three parts - two offset parts provide all needed living areas, a light flooded space connects these parts. This continuous, connecting middle part starts at the souterrain and extends up to the roof - only an open air staircase is drawn through the airy space and docks onto the other parts of the house on all levels.

Thus, privacy, open living and communication is made possible all around the house and is developed right in the philosophy of its owners and guests.

The outdoor space is also characterised by bipolarity. Terraces and balconies allow privacy and at the same time an inviting, welcoming integration of the immediate surroundings.

The strong flexibility of all living areas - in and around the house - creates generosity and turns the house into a sociotope which - for example - naturally welcomes the kids of the owner's friends for lunch.

Within the dense center it was possible to dissolve isolated functions, let them interact with each other and to create a new, open minded style of living. An oasis in the city.


Category Private Home
City Frankfurt
Commissioner Private
Period 2008–2014
Type Direct
Status built

structural analysis: Wameling Ingenieure GmbH
building phisics: Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Roland Müller
installations engineering: Die Haustechniker Techn. Büro GmbH
building general supervision: Holger Gräcmann, p-off Architektur


site: 299m²
net floor area: 325,40m²

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Images Milli Kaufmann, Olivia Wimmer