Hotel Lux Alpinae - 20 years!


a hotel that runs a family with warm hospitality
all rooms open the view to natures harmony
the house nestles the rock gently


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Lux Alpinae is built on an extremely steep slope (40°). The backside supporting wall is used as an interior climbing wall which creates an uprising additional lobby on the north side of the complex. The 28 rooms are developed by opened corridors which go through the back hall. The hotel has a panorama lift, underground garage, wellness area with sauna and steam bath, lobby, bar and restaurant with terrace.

All rooms are orientated to the southern side which is fully glazed in order to generate an unobstructed view to the slope opposite and excellent light conditions in the rooms. On the top of the building is a towo storey private apartment with a huge terrace. The roof is built as a curved shell construction (hyperbolic paraboloid).

The whole building is moved away from the slope which is glazed on the upper side, bridging the gap between the rock and the corridors; it therefore warms up, but the air is still circulating. The orientation of all rooms to the south, the system of one room within a room with optimal climate conditions throughout the hotel, and the massive rock that increases the air quality and at the same time serves as a heat store, are the principels of the hotel, namely efficiency and sustainability.


Category Hotel/Guesthouse, Residential
City St. Anton am Arlberg
Commissioner Alexander Kertess
Period 2002–2003
Type direct
Status built

site: 1.514m²
gross floor area: 2.495m²
net floor area: 2.258m²
6 floors 28 rooms
27 Parking slots

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Images Thomas Jantscher, Milli Kaufmann, Lew Rodin