Metro West


the railway and pedestrian/bicycle bridge as a functional addition to the natural scenery
a valley connection as light as possible, considering the lively history of the valley, the aim is to sensitively lead the whole scenery into the future without interfering with the amenity of the environment
it is planned to span the whole valley preferably column-free, to protect the environment of this natural heritage area


7 Liffey Bridge Querschnitte
7 Liffey Bridge Langs

Metro West

The pedestrian walk and the bicycle track are seperated from the train line, placed above of the rails. Therefore the route for the cyclers and pedestrians offers an unhindered panoramic view into the landscape. At the same time it improves the safety of the passengers as it is cut from a possible direct contact to the passing trains. This construction adds to the elegant and airy arrangement of the whole bridge, which understands itself more as an funtional addition to the natural scenery, instead of an interference. On one end the pedestrian and cycle route flows into the tunnel and on the other side it is slighty lifted via a ramp to reach the desired level. 

Taking under consideration the special environment of the Liffey Valley, with its specific flora and fauna, it is planned to span the whole valley preferably column-free. This measure makes it possible to leave the environment beneath the bridge in its natural condition.

The massive bridge heads, built from reinforced concrete, carry the weight and anchor the self-supporting steel bridge, planned as a light-weight construction. Most of the execution works can be done through mobile cranes and in order to avoid permanent disturbances that would possibly destroy the state of the natural environment.


Category Bridges, Infrastructure/Traffic
City Dublin
Commissioner Railway Procurement Agency
Period 2008
Type international invited contribution
Status unbuilt

span: 295m

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