just a shelf?
modest and flexible
the material is high quality, according to the content


How can a bookshelf be realized as a harmony of function, ecology and design?

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In cooperation with the designer Ursula Aichwalder we have developed a simple bookshelf made of ecologically harmless substances – cardboard and a little solid wood.

A plug-in system and the low weight of all parts make fast construction and de-construction easy.

The customer has full flexibility in positioning the shelf, as the shelf elements can be left out or replaced with shorter parts. Of course, the shelf can also be placed detached within the room.


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The single elements are made of solid, natural coloured cardboard panels, filled with corrugated board. The cardboard cores function as separators and bookends. Due to solid wood enforcing the elements, the shelf itself is fully load- and stressable. The connections between cores and shelves are established with (firmly implanted) wooden plugs, in order to lock the individual building parts together.

Wooden cones continue the shape of the cores to a point on the floor, thus underlins the easiness of the shelf – an almost floating object. 

Pap is easy to handle and its materiality and use of forms create a timeless piece of furniture. A shelf as a metaphor of its content and a strong statement for sustainable design.


Category Interior
City Vienna
Commissioner Private
Period 2014–2016
Type direct
Status built

Ursula Aichwalder
Georg Driendl

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Images Milli Kaufmann