City Gate


precisely in the field of subsidized housing, it is important to create an unexpected ambience, a gesture that can be regard as being crucial
City Gate represents an elegant, timeless appearance. Attributed gardens and apartments on three storeys, in combination with the quiet area behind the noise-protection wall, create well-functioning communication zones, urban intermediate spaces, which are used, among other things, for playgrounds
the buildings are in accordance with low energy standards and have been constructed with carefully selected, eco friendly materials


Talking about sustainability?

Talking about society’s responsibility to provide decent living space for its disadvantaged groups?

Talking about green homes?

Talking about standing up against ignorance?

Talking about the future of subsidized housing?



If you pass the housing in Amraserseestraße by driving on the Südring into Innsbruck city, you primarily recognize the prominent 200 meters long noise abatement- wall. This particularly slender and horizontal accentuated construction, separates and saves the housing from the high frequented noisy main road. This protection makes a quite spacious living-situation implemented through five orthogonal arranged building parts with three floors possible.


Curved roofs, coloured balcony glasses and generous glazed apartments create a cheerful appearance. Trough nearly black and mirroring glass facades seems the built mass rather dematerialised and an unusual view of the impressive surrounded mountains is given.  

A sense of community and responsibility of each person has developed, the inhabitants of more than 30 nations take care of their homes and their green areas, children are playing, birds are breeding, plants are sprouting.


Category Housing
City Innsbruck
Commissioner Neue Heimat Tirol NHT
Period 2001–2003
Type competition, 1st prize
Status built

structural analysis: DI Wolfgang Redlich
building physics: DI Peter Fiby
installation engineering: Klimatherm GmbH


site: 8.846m²
gross floor area: 12.200m²
net floor area: 6.700m²
5 building units 3 floors
7 units each building

Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH
Images Milli Kaufmann, James Morris, Lew Rodin


Lage Genordet City Gate