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flexibility for multiuse
in the shelter of the parasols
the miracle of the umbrellas


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Office, fair and more

The office building is planned as a high rise building and is developed around two separate cores.

Horizontal organisation: The separate levels allow many possibilities of room configurations; for instance, bigger units for conference rooms are possible easily. 

Vertical organisation: In the ground level the reception purposes are proposed, it offers orientation and possibilities for representative offices, restaurant etc. The first floor is the gallery level. It hosts the internal reception and the internal connection to the exhibition hall.

The gallery level, in the area of the office building, hosts offices that are directly connected to the exhibition hall; distributed over the whole area, they offer all possibilities for a great overview, recreation, restaurants.

Above the first two office levels start; the individual levels offer versatile possibilities of office organisations; from cubicle offices to flex-space offices to open-plan offices.

After that, terrace levels alternate with office levels for communication, discussion, work breaks, meeting points, business lounges, relaxation.

The whole building has a height of 84.2m high and contains a gross area for offices of approx. 50.000m2. It is very flexible and suitable for tight interactions between single companies or a privacy and interaction between two big companies. 

The building has an optimised inner glassing with openable wings, activation of the storage mass and a healthy natural air condition. The second exterior layer is glass also, equipped with screen printing according to the orientation.

The gap between inner and outer glassing is used for sun protection and light steering, depending to the orientation also, and thus minimises the need for artificial light and cooling needs, while preserving ideal conditions for computer work spaces in terms of light.
The optimised organisation results in the elegant and slim appearance, so the building represents an iconic landmark for the visitors, which can be also seen from the distance. 


K1 Birds Eye View Large

The exhibition hall expands over 27 quadrates and each quadrate is covered by a umbrella-like construction, which houses a height of 16m. Multiple floors can be incorporated according to demand. The umbrellas span an area of 1.128,96m², resulting altogether in 30.481,92m². 

Three of the umbrellas are used for delivery, installation, maintenance. One is used as a single zone for restaurant, entertainment, rest area, club …

The gallery opens the view into the exhibition hall and the indoor shopping street for all daily products, heavy and large goods are exhibited outdoors; this can happen under an umbrella or on free area outside. The umbrellas are structured, have a middle column, the basis for the star shaped construction which contain sheets with greenery above and sheets of glass in between. The glass sheets have a movable cover which feeds in sun light according to the demands. The artificial light follows the same principle. The umbrella is covered with greenery and filters, here it collects rain water for further usage, like black water for toilets.

The exhibition hall offers a natural air condition. The outer wall construction is covered with thin membranes on the outside and inside; the in-between space is used for air condition and for measures of sun-protection, dimming and darkening of daylight. Thus, a feeling of ease and cheerfulness emerges which helps the trade and presents the goods in perfect daylight conditions. 


Category Office/Headquarters, Landmark, City Planning
City Nanjing
Commissioner CP Beijing
Period 2013–2014
Type international invited contribution
Status unbuilt
Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH