Mühlbach modern II


direct connection of the village center to the existing and future infrastructure (train station, bus terminal, cable car station, industrial company, local suppliers, pedestrian and individual traffic, parking spaces) by involving all those participants, with the aim of establishing all common interests on a sophisticated platform. In addition to the mobility center, the implementation of the village-connecting cable car will optimize the traffic routes to the mountain village, especially for pupils, residents and visitors.
the building task is a combination of all necessary functions, symbolic and environmentally friendly. All components are coordinated, easy to use and follow the premises of clarity and inclusion. Environment and mobility are organized and prototypically realized as harmonizing functions. Nature and modern, timeless architecture create a welcoming atmosphere for a meeting place.
lowest possible ecological footprint through efficient layering (stacking) of all functions; switching to public transport with priority on pedestrians; noise protection through planting of the building surface; barrier-free development.


Category City Planning, Cable Car, Infrastructure/Traffic
City Mühlbach
Period 2020–
Type direct
Status ongoing
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