Mühlbach modern


connection and integration of remote mountain villages
attractive village center, space for encounter
here technology as an opportunity: children and elderly residents of remote villages get safely and independently into the valley, to school or to see a doctor


Sustainable mobility in the village center?


Muhlbach K6

With presenting the landscape in a modern ambience, renewing the cable car and creating a new village centre, the Pustertal gets a new local and international attention and importance. Nature and modern architecture are perceived as a symbiosis and as a special experience. The new facilities provide attractive excursion destinations for winter and for summer.

The immediate connection of the cable car to the train station causes a shortening of the traffic routes, a safe and easy way to school for pupils,

a safe way for people who needs to go to the doctor and of course a good connection to further ski- and hiking areas.

Through concentrating on train and cable car, through optimizing the public transport network and creating sufficient parking spaces, an environment-friendly and energy-efficient solution for the handling of traffic is found, a benefit for inhabitants and visitors.



tower with panorama-restaurant

Even from a far away train window it is possible to catch a sight onto the tower with it's panorama-restaurant. While enjoying local specialities in the restaurant one can experience an overwhelming panorama view over the surrounding area.


From the tower there is a way leading over the roofs of Mühlbach to the new village center, the valley station. A walk over the hoverbridge offers an unique view to village and nature and awakes someone's curiosity and interest about the things to come.

cable car station / nexus

In summer and winter the new cable car station in the centre of the village is an attraction and an eyecatcher. The cable car station brings a better connection between the mountain villages and shortens the individual transport routes.

parking spaces and garages

The planting of local trees at the parking area creates a context to the environmental nature.

exhibition house

A flexible exhibition space about the local alpine flora shows the vegetation of the surrounding area. After visiting the exhibition, the new knowledge can be directly experienced by driving up to the mountains. So the various offer is extended by another informative and cultural aspect.

hydropower / loop

Through all seasons a unique and extraordinary glass-sphere, created as a botanical island with a foreign plant, represents an opposite to the domestic, familiar vegetation. Inside the glass-sphere the circulation of water is mediated in a special way and the visitors have the opportunity to experience the circle of nature in this exceptionally ambience.


Category Cable Car
City Mühlbach
Commissioner Gitschberg Jochtal AG
Period 2013–
Type selection process, 1st price
Status ongoing

cable car system:

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