Esterházy palace


when a palace finds its reality and "once upon a time" gets visible in today
feeling past and present in dialogue at eye level
serving without vanity


Can you imagine the wonderful feasts?


Schlossesterhazy Demut Milli B

Highlights of the Esterházy Palace

Valuable porcelain, silver cutlery, exotic chinese vases, fine wood, clocks and candle holders with sculptures from the world of the gods, or comfortable sitting with soft cushions - all this was a must for the aristocracy in the 18th and early 19th centuries. They showed what they had and

celebrated it. From this life of the Prince Esterházy unique “highlights” are presented, which have been dormant in depots and, after careful restoration, now can be seen for the first time. Also exposed old wall sockets or floor and door constructions literally give a glimpse into the eventful past of the castle rooms.


Category Museum/Exhibition
City Eisenstadt
Commissioner F.E.Familien-Privatstiftung Eisenstadt
Period 2009–2010
Type direct
Status built

Showcase construction: barth Innenausbau KG

Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH
Images Manfred Horvath, Milli Kaufmann, James Morris