Luster cocktailbar


let’s meet in a dignified, sophisticated bar
as a noble invitation
creates balance between reinterpretation, construction, material and ambience


Which ambience we expect to feel the magic of encounter?


Luster 5067 Milli

A dignified, sophisticated bar in the 6th district of Vienna, in the Art Nouveau house “Zum golden Einhorn” by Oskar Marmorek.

The first step is to restore the original spatial structure of the completely built-up restaurant.

To do this, all false ceilings and partition walls are removed and a high, light room with vaulted ceilings emerges. The interplay between inside and outside can begin: urbanity comes through the large windows to the bar, while hospitality sparkles as a shining temptation into the city.


Mg 4703

From now on, the large U-shaped bar forms the center of the new room. This creates a communicative, modern and at the same time cozy ambience. The guest is right in the middle of the action: from every seat he can perceive the entire room, let it sink in, and also the urban environment in front of the door can be experienced through the large windows: the streets on two levels, the cinema opposite and the park with the flak tower.

Noble materials are contrasted with a bottle rack suspended above the bar as a spatial element. This floating construction is used to store selected spirits on seven shelf levels, connected by a walk-on grating, and also offers all possibilities to illuminate the room in an atmospheric way. The name was found after the first sketch – chandelier.

The bar becomes a retreat from everyday life again, a place of encounter and amazement.


Category Bar/Restaurant
City Vienna
Commissioner Zweitbester GmbH
Period 2017–2018
Type direct
Status built
Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH
Images Milli Kaufmann