New start homes


different room concepts for different life situations in one apartment
clear solutions for a high quality of living standard, trough optimized space for simple, easily furnished and adaptable apartments
minimal ecological footprint


How can affordable living be possible with a high quality of living standard and minimal ecological footprint at the same time?


In the “New Start Homes Baumkirchen” residential complex, 14 residential units and 2 assisted living groups were created. The residential complex is organized in a compact manner and has short, easy paths, which also serve as a meeting point.

The basic equipment of each residential unit is designed as a one-room apartment, but the room divisions can be adapted at any time as required. Different room concepts for different life situations are made possible by an optimized size (45 - 100 m²) and floor plan design possible. The living space can be adapted to a new situation in the course of its life cycle with the simplest of built-ins. The clearly structured loft apartment, for example, with only one interior door to the bathroom, can be converted into a 2-3 room apartment at low cost and with minimal effort.

The floor-to-ceiling window elements offer the possibility of a generous opening to the outside.

The residential complex is heated by a central air / water heat pump installed on the roof. The heat is emitted through underfloor heating. The hot water is produced electrically in each apartment via a hanging storage tank with a capacity of 120 or 150 liters.

All supply and disposal lines for the basic installation are routed in the staircase. Each apartment has a controlled ventilation system, which is supplied with heat recovery from a central ventilation device installed on the roof.

A photovoltaic system with an area of approx. 33m² is installed on the roof of the building, which is used to supply the general lighting and the heating/ventilation system. Lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED technology are installed in all general areas.


Category Housing
City Baumkirchen
Commissioner Neue Heimat Tirol NHT
Period 2018–2020
Type direct
Status built

site: 2.081 m²
gross floor area: 1.871,59 m²
net floor area: 1.342,77 m²
14 units, 2 supervised living groups
20 parking lots
32 bicycle parking

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1802 06 Nsh Baumkirchen Lage