New start homes


quality of living affordable for everyone
lowest effort for the operation with at the same time the greatest scope for vital activities through simple, clear and comprehensible solutions of the necessary conditions for living
state-of-the-art, energy-efficient passive house technology


What does "new start living" mean?


Nht 5euro Kalender2021 Haiming 4

“New start living” make to all residents, young and old, foreign and at home private living environment available, on the essential aspects of everyday life Life-conceived.

With the least amount of effort for operation, "New Start" creates the greatest scope for all vital activities by solving the basic requirements in a simple, clear and understandable manner.

Neither worrying about expensive rent or operating costs nor annoying circumstances such as unusable dark areas or countless doors into small chambers should affect the life goal of the resident.


spatial organszation of living and common areas
compact, central access corridors
• optimal exposure of the apartments
• maximizing the usable living space
• minimizing the traffic area

house technic
simplest possible building equipment in terms of maintenance and servicing
• intelligent cable routing - short distances
• optimation - accessibility / revisionability
• adaptability - later adaptation of technology is possible easily

social sustainability
different types of apartments for a mixed population structure
• affordable living through efficient planning
• 2-room, 3-room and 4-room apartments
• all bathrooms can are made barrier-free

long durability
apartments can be adapted at any time using standardized elements
• standardized interior construction - prefabricated elements
• can be adapted from Loft to a multi-room apartment
• timeless standard furniture for kitchens and sanitary facilities


Category Housing
City Haiming
Commissioner Neue Heimat Tirol NHT
Period 2018–2020
Type direct
Status built

24 apartments, each apartment with balcony:

12 3-room apartments/67,1m²
12 2-room apartments/ 48,8m²

25 parking spaces
48 bicycle parking spaces

site area: 1.905m²
building site: 631m²

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