Wedding chapel


hidden in the middle of the historically grown garden, a special room for a special occasion appears, a place for reflections and rituals, for celabration or a reading in silent …
shimmering, alluring between the old trees – like protective leaves when the blossoms open
in harmony with nature


What secret sparkles through the green?

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Weddingchapel Decke

After several visits to the historical large garden with regard to the location of the “wedding chapel”, the location mentioned during the first joint has proven to be particularly suitable.

On the way to the chapel, along the approx. 130 m long path, visitors stroll through the historic large garden with its diverse tree population.

While strolling distance and proximity can become a special experience. The chapel appears in a clearing – floating on water, surrounded by some large trees.

Also outside of specific celebrations, such as weddings, meditations and rituals all visitors of the palace can perceive the shimmers of the chapel between the trees and are curiously invited to take a tour through the large garden.

Like the protective leaves when the blossoms open, three polytetragonal bodies encompass a geometrically clear cube that is initially invisible from the outside. The edges and meeting points of these bodies let the inside flash out, light and surrounding outside are subsequently brought into the chapel. These “gaps” along the edges, between the opaque bodies, are the only source of daylight.

The inner space symbolizes gender equality on several levels: left half, right half, the relief of the interior walls as raised and recessed, vertical and horizontal. A ray of sunlight cuts and connects the cube at 2.30 pm.

A light and cheerful, lively atmosphere inside, outside like a secret that only reveals itself when entering the room - “hidden squareness” in the middle of nature.


Weddingchapel Innen 2

The paths and the square are made of the same material as the surrounding area – dark basalt as a fill of gravel for the paths, as natural stone ashlar masonry for the forecourt and as natural stone slabs for the floor inside the chapel.

The reflecting light of the moving water surface shimmers through some fields in the ground, consisting of transparent glass plates.

The outer skin, a lightweight space framework, is made of precious metal, stretched extremely thin and welded seamlessly.

The interior walls of the room flanking each other at the portal are inserted as a sunk relief on one side and a raised relief on the other. The opposing, focussing interior walls are both shaped as raised reliefs, one folded vertically and the other horizontally.


City Lackenbach
Commissioner F. E. Familien-Privatstiftung Eisenstadt
Period 2017–
Type direct
Status ongoing
Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH


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