Esterházy palace


the culture and the exotic - walk on the egg shell
glassy - like in fairy tales
a piece of glass art


How is it possible that cultural heritage grows into the future in the tension between tradition and modernity?

Eiertanzgeschichte Schaubild 01

The sphere and the Haydn hall

The director invites into the sphere, a reception directly in the park and at the same time a view via Porticus directly into the world famous Haydn hall. A connection of the outside and inside. The glassy egg shell creates an optimal microclimate for an exotic plant. The sphere as a quote from the baroque past and at the same time a bridge to the modern present of the palace, a time travel.


Category Museum/Exhibition, Landmark, Cultural Heritage
City Eisenstadt
Commissioner Esterházy Immobilien GmbH
Period 2011
Status ongoing
Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH