a meetingpoint – outside cross roads – inside a hidden space waiting to be a place
interaction between outside and inside …
unplastered ceiling surfaces and exposed brick walls tell the story of their creation, also the materials appear raw and visible


Which stories are told by this spaces?


The primarly dark and smoky coffee house has been freed from all the old. Valuted ceilings, big windows, light and space appear.

Communication down to the smallest room gets possible and at the same time the room tells the story of its creation.


As an essential element made of raw concrete, the bar was not intended to divide the room, but rather to create space as an open angle with a sloping end on the one hand and a flowing transition to the open kitchen on the other. The steel wreath hovering above is illumination element and serves as a support for the bottle rack.

Not only the dominant bar, but also the open dining room with its generous window areas and small variable tables becomes a meeting place.

Also the kitchen concept follows the demands of meeting and sharing. The cook doesn’t retreat to his own four walls, on the contrary the first glance of the guest when entering the restaurant falls on the cook and on the dishes prepared.

Even at the generous bathroom, men and women do not encounter their own reflection at the washbasin but their counterpart. The demolition of several undefined partition walls allows communication down to the smallest space.


Category Bar/Restaurant
City Vienna
Commissioner Zweitbester GmbH
Period 2010–2011
Type direct
Status built

Georg Driendl, Franz Driendl


light planning: Florian Fleischner
interior: Thomas Werginz

Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH
Images Milli Kaufmann, James Morris