Solar Deck


move the proximity of the neighborhood into the distance
realize large living space in a small site
minimized energy consumption, solar absorption inside


How can distance be established with proximity?


Solar Deck Lew Rodin 79020032

The 14th district of Vienna is a typical suburban village district. People which live here reached a rather higher living standard and dwell primary in private houses, mostly situated on small and tight sites. Also here small and tight - this makes the neighbour houses appear very close. Exactly that was the architectural challenge, to built under such circumstances a private house with 290m² useable space and a double garage.
So the bedrooms and all adjacent rooms were arranged in the ground floor. The living room and the kitchen build together a very spacious level without columns in the upper floor. This floor is additional widened with correlating terraces on the east,- south,- and west side.

Thereby an amazing effect was created: it seems that the living room increases over the terraces and which makes appear that the neighbours moved into wide distance. The big wall on the north side made of reinforced concrete (like the foundation and basement) saves the heat and reflexes it to the rooms. The upper floor is a self-supporting steel construction in addition with prefabricated wood and glass units. Large-scaled glazing in the upper floor as well a transparent stripe along the north side of the roof enable a pleasant light flooded feeling. The light- strip on the ceiling creates an interesting illumination as well as an excellent thermal situation.
Ground floor and upper floor are connected trough a levitate staircase and a large opened space along the north side wall. So one of the majority aims of the architect “daylight into the smallest corner” was realised.


Category Private Home
City Vienna
Commissioner private
Period 2002–2003
Type direct
Status built
Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH
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