Twist Tower


old and new in coexistece of outside and inside: rooms that like to be used sensibly – whispering inside and outside...
the twisttower – as a transition between old and new in the inner curve of the street, with twisted levels at the front and a seamlessly connected courtyard building, a cuboid that 45° with a suspended gallery floor – maximum variability of the floor plan for flexible, multifunctional work spaces with light and optimal climate
reflection in urban space


The office building with underground garage is situated in a 15 m long gap site between two houses of the 19th century. To construct a disposition between the old and the new buildings the storeys are twisted against each other. The twisted storeys include the tangent of the road curve counter-rotating in the construction.

From the dumped stair flight next to the main building a gap is created to bring the light from the backyard trough the rooms to the front side. The building in the backyard has a smooth transition to the main building. It is an ashlar, set up around 45°, with a gallery unit put on.


Category Office/Headquarters
City Vienna
Commissioner Kallco Project GmbH
Period 1999–2002
Type direct
Status built

site: 960,00 m²
net floor area: 2.500,00 m²
8 floors

Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH
Images James Morris