Almatiskaya | Kazakhstan

Project Description
Almatinskaya housing – basic description

Access to the residential buildings:
- Entrances and parking facilities on the northern side
- Private gardens on the southern side, leading to the public green space

Ecological and economical efficiency:
- Optimization of microclimatic conditions / recreation facilities:
- Hole housing complex is embedded in a public green space without any barriers
- Existing natural biotope is conducted into the complex

Optimal orientation of each building:
- All residential units are oriented to the south without being blocked by other buildings
- Minimization of shadow, sunshine in each apartment all year round, wind protection
- South-facing balconies as constructional solar shading devices
- Small openings on the northern side, glass-enclosed southern side
- high level of passive energy extraction

compact construction:
- Width of each building = 16m
- Low proportion between surface and usable floor space
- Optimal energy consumption; lower construction costs; Goal: Zero Energy Consumption

Social life:
- each stairway connects 3 apartments on each floor
- 21 – 33 units per stairway, depending on building height
- Modular system:
Variable combination of one-roomed, two-roomed, three-roomed or four-roomed apartments
on each floor; average usable floor space per unit = 70 qm2
- Fast orientation within the hole complex for its openness
- Illuminated stairways, no dark areas, dead corners

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