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modernization while at the same time taking maximum care when dealing with listed buildings
re-establishment of the original lighting concept and development of a solution for the roof construction in the sense of a homogeneous roof landscape for the first district of Vienna
implementation of the most modern technology in historical substance


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The house in prominent location of the first district Vienna built by Theophil Hansen in 1848 / 49 schould be renovated and adapted into an deluxe apartment building.

Historically interesting is the fact that Theophil Hansen has developed structures which have been revived only 40 to 50 years later by his student Otto Wagner: e.g. in developing concepts to maximise natural lighting - the storey heights decrease from ground to roof to guarantee a balanced lighting in each storey. Furthermore it has been a novelty that the windows could be opened to the inside.

Years ago the initial roof has been replaced by an assembling which disturbed the original building composition quite heavily; this offered a chance for a reinterpretation.

In close coordination with the Viennese monument department driendl*architects came up with a cutting edge solution to re-establish the harmonious appearance of the building with hyper modern interventions:

The main innovation is the development of a double sheeted, multi-functional, sloped glass façade which restores the initial roof pitch of 33°. The high-tech prototype directly connects on protected substance and helps to calm the hectic, nervous roof landscape of the inner districts of Vienna. Horizontal adjustable panels guarantee blinds and sun protection.
Due to prefabrication of individual units the montage could be finished very quickly.


Category Residential, Cultural Heritage
City Vienna
Commissioner Riemergasse 2 Besitzgesellschaft mbH
Period 2006–2010
Type direct
Status built

15 apartments
apartments size: approx. 150 – 300 m2
shop sizees: approx. 30 – 190 m2

Copyright driendl*architects ZT GmbH


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