Spallartgasse BP 4


living in all its heterogeneous diversity and interaction between different social groups
living in the area of tree trunks, living in the area of treetops, living above the trees
intelligent shell


Spa B4 K2 Park

The building site is situated at the Spallartgasse just opposite the interface of an existing residential building und the Graphic secondary school f Vienna. In order to keep Spallartgasse free from further traffic loads as calmly as possible, the exit to the collective garage was largely moved to the west in the direction of Leyserstraße.

Immediately to the east, following the garage entrance and exit, a passage was laid for direct route guidance into the public recreation area.


Spa K11

The appearance of the building shows that living here in all its heterogeneous diversity and mix is self-evident. All components that are required to create an “intelligent shell” for living (balconies, loggias, windows, sun protection, etc.) are appropriate, adequate, permanent and maintenance-free, so something to touch.

In order realize living in the "park", it is necessary to consider the lighting conditions (winter sun lying low without leaves, summer sun standing up in the shade under the canopy): living in the area of ​​the tree trunks, living in the area of ​​the tree tops, living above the trees with View. These local and spatial conditions require adaptation and compensation of the lighting conditions according to these zones. Larger exposure areas at the bottom, decreasing towards the top.


Category Housing, City Planning
City Vienna
Commissioner VOLKSBAU Gemein. Wohn- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft
Period 2018–2021

net floor area total: 17.442,87m²
net floor area living: 15.951,77 m²
net floor area, commercial location 1: 161,96m²
net floor area, commercial location 2: 213,20m²
gross floor area: 24.195,32 m²

apartments: 225 from that SMART: 75

number of staircases: 4

number of lifts: 5

two storey garage with128 parking lots


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